‘It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

What is essential is invisible to the eye.’

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Little Prince.

One of hardest things to do within your own company or brand is to really professionally examine it, hold it up to the window like an outsider, echoing what a customer does instinctively prior to making a purchase. Noticing the exterior, the positioning in a crowded marketplace, what makes it so special, the noticeable – and sometimes not so apparent - strengths and weaknesses.

In a fast-moving business or busy marketing department, it’s rare to find the time needed to objectively look at your marketing plan, check on your annual communications strategy, double check the budget, critique the creative copy candidly, check customer acquisition or engagement is wreaking the right results and report on return on investment - with a fresh pair of eyes.

I often find observations and discoveries about a brand are far more obvious prior to actually working within a company, as once politics and personalities infiltrate and persuade, unbiased thought can often become murkier. I also think sometimes a brand needs an edge, an extra, something that sets it apart and know that it absolutely needs a USP.

I’m often asked to do a ‘day of discovery’, where I carry out due diligence on a brand, business or campaign, examining the core brand elements, and creating a report which documents the key components required to help make it the best it can be in a cost-effective fashion.

It sounds like a fun and interactive experience, which of course it is, but it can also reveal major omissions and pinpoint crucial strategic changes to be considered - from better brand positioning, to effective local marketing campaigns, annual planning, social media strategies, comprehensive agency briefs, digital systems and confirm where cash might be better spent.

I work collaboratively and positively to get the best results and aim to add real value, creativity and commerciality to your existing objectives.

As a brand, digital and marketing specialist with 25 years’ experience, working with world class agencies, brands, boards and investors, I know the questions to ask and the results you could be getting.

To discuss a ‘day of discovery’ please email georgia@ghbrand.co.uk