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digital direction

We combine high-level strategic thinking with an extensive understanding of the cultural sector to identify your key challenges and opportunities in your specific marketplace.

We also develop powerful and concise strategies to address these issues and help you put them into practice to ensure dynamic positive results.


Our work ensures:

Strategic vision 
Customer acquisition
Audience retention 
Amazing customer experience 
Customised communications
Real revenue generation
Distinctive and memorable campaigns
High calibre brand partnerships
Engaged and motivated teams
World-class planning
Watertight budgeting

We are experts in:

Brand research & review
Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Visual & verbal identity
Staff engagement & internal communication
Communications strategy
Audience development strategy
Cultural leadership coaching
Marketing team mentoring

GHBRAND services can be broken into the three core areas of non-executive direction, consultancy and mentoring.

As a non-executive director to world class brands including Imbiba and Intro, Georgia provides independent expertise and the ability to proactively and exponentially add to the business strategy. Whether planning new business growth, monitoring management or planning the road to a successful sale, Georgia has the relevant experience needed to be able to communicate confidently and challenge constructively, ensuring the best comprehensive and considered results.

Consultancy projects include a wide variety of disciplines which are all important factors in the successful blueprint and journey of a dynamic brand. From setting up pitch documents to secure funding or producing strategic long term marketing plans in-line with finance, through to brand collaborations, renewing technology services, communicating to new business, refreshing websites for optimised sales, checking CRM, developing customised customer campaigns, increasing brand awareness, carrying out workshops and research projects or presenting to shareholders; Georgia of GHBRAND can drive forward the right strategy and relevant mechanic for you.

Everyone needs a mentor and ensuring young marketing teams are confident can forge fantastic follow through if there is a collective understanding of best practise. Georgia and GHRAND can coach in how to create best copy and communications, provide relevant reporting, check on IP protocol, perfect brand positioning, generate e-marketing, CRM, brief agencies and teams, post social media strategically, carry out PR inhouse, manage asset banks, deliver successful photo and video shoots, write competitor reviews, set up collaborations, align budgeting spends with KPIs and reap results.

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